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Internet Business Forum – Meet Other Success Minded People

Your friends don’t understand your online ventures, so who do you talk to? Find an internet business forum in order to meet other success minded people to network with. Once you find the right fit for you, kick back several times a day and enjoy these benefits.

Acquire New Skills
No one knows everything. The beauty of a shared online commerce meeting place is there are so many people who together know so much. Free knowledge flows freely in forums. You will also be expected to share and help others where you can. To remain a permanent lurker isn’t cool.

Network with the Best
Networking in the right crowd always helps owners build and promote a company. The same is true with an internet business forum. You meet other success minded people who want to interact with you and support your cause.

Avoid Self-Employed Isolation
Too often, web site owners spent too much time isolated from the world. Sitting in front of a computer most of the day is necessary when you are starting out. At the same time, you don’t have water cooler moments with real humans and everyone needs contact.

Every internet business forum will help you meet other success minded people. The best ones will shape your life on and off line. They will enhance your personal as well as professional standard of living. More often than you believe at first, online friendships and business contacts move off line. You may find yourself taking a vacation next year with one of your new contacts.

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Posted in Forex | Tags: , , , , , | No Comments » Indian power loom industry: an overview September 29th, 2008 | Author: admin Indian Power Loom Industry: an Overview

Evolution of weaving looms:

History of weaving looms can be traced back to 17th century. The first power loom was invented by Edmund Cartwright in 1785. Originally Power looms were with shuttle, and they were very slow. But as the industrial demands for faster production accelerate, faster looms without shuttle came in use in early part of 20th century. As developments and innovations take place, various types of looms were developed for faster production. Today, Air-jet, Water-jet, Rapier and other computer operated looms are used to maximize production of special materials.

Indian scenario of weaving looms:

Though weaving is one of the important sector for Indian textile industry, it has not been given due attention like spinning sector. Moreover structure of the industry plays a major role in making it competitive. Nature of this sector is mainly unorganized. The sector consists of fragmented, small and often, un-registered units that invest low amount in technology and practices especially in the power loom, processing, handloom and knits.

India has world’s largest installed base for looms. There are approximately 5mn looms in the country. India has 1.8mn Shuttle looms which is 45% of world capacity, and 3.90mn handlooms which is 85% of world capacity.

Power loom

The power loom sector produces more than 60% of cloth in India and textile ministry’s estimation says that more than 60% of the country’s cloth exports originated from that sector. With its employment of 4.86mn workers, the power looms sector comprised approximately 60% of total textile industry employment.

As per textile ministry of India up till March 31, 2006, the power looms sector — which produces various cloth products, including greige and processed fabrics — consisted of 430,000 units with 1.94mn power looms. The ministry projected the number of power looms to rise to 1.95mn in 2006-07.

But modernization in looms is less and Indian industry still lags significantly behind US, China, Europe, Taiwan etc. (Texmin, 2005). Most of the looms we have currently in country are shuttle-less. There are less than 15,000 modern looms, whereas traditional looms are in large numbers. Value addition and the manufacturing of fabrics according to customer’s compliances, is not possible due to obsolete technology of looms.

Shuttleless looms:

Shuttleless weaving looms are up to three times more efficient than shuttle looms, but the penetration of modern shuttleless loom is very less. In 2001, there were some 27,000 shuttleless cotton looms in Indonesia, 21,000 in Thailand and 10,000 in India.

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