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Home business professionals have many reasons for choosing to work from home. These reasons generally include spending more time with our families, setting our own work hours, having more freedom to do the things we want to do, and controlling
our own destinies.

These are all good, valid reasons for choosing to work from home. Unfortunately, many home business professionals lose
sight of the reasons they started working from home in the first place.

Anyone who operates a home business knows that we tend to work twice as many hours as those who work in traditional
businesses. Many home business professionals become work-a-holics, spending twelve to twenty hours per day,
seven days a week, working. It becomes a habit.

This habit can jeopardize your health and your family. It can take away your joy of living. One day, you will wake up
and find that you have lost everything that you were working from home to have.

There are ways to avoid developing this habit. If you already have this habit, there are ways to break it.

Start by setting regular “office” hours, and regular “work” days. Let your family know what these hours are.

When you make your work schedule, make sure that all of your tasks are scheduled during these hours – no exceptions and no excuses. If you are already a work-a-holic, this will be hard to adjust, but you can adjust if you work at it. If you are not yet a work-a-holic, determine work days and hours, make a schedule, and stick to it from the very beginning.

Schedule two days off each week. This is your weekend, and should coincide with your family’s weekend. Not checking your email for two solid days will be tough, but you can do it. Turn the computer off, close the door to your office, and go
“home” for the weekend.

Make plans with your family. Get out of the house. Take your spouse for a walk. Go on a picnic. Go see a movie. It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as it isn’t work, and it includes your family.

If there are no family events planned for your weekend, find a hobby. Make sure your hobby doesn’t have anything to do with your work, and try to include your family. The point of working at home, was to have more time to spend with these important people.

During your work week, after quitting time, take some time for yourself to recharge your batteries. Try to avoid thinking about work. Eat meals with your family, watch television with them, play a board game or cards. Whatever you do, make sure that your office door remains closed until it is time to work again.

It is a good idea to plan at least one week long vacation during the year. Your business will not fail if you take a week off. It may fail if you constantly take a week off, however. The key is to know how much is too much, and how little is not enough.

It doesn’t matter what you do, as long as you aren’t working during your “off” time. Taking time off will refresh you. You will be rested and ready to go when it is time to work again. You will find that you enjoy life more. You will enjoy working from home more. Your health may improve if you get more exercise as well. Your family will certainly enjoy having your time and attention.

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There are important decisions to be made regarding what to ship to your new home.
This choice is easier if you have bought or leased a residence overseas.

If you have the room sizes and floor plan, you can easily determine how your furniture and possessions will fit in the rooms, but also consider the hallway, staircase and elevator/lift dimensions. In other words, does the piano, outsized entertainment center, sectional couch, or other furniture fit in these passageways? IntlMOVE

if you do not have housing agreements made, ensure the items you are taking are critical to you and your happiness in your new location. IntlMOVE

* Contact IntlMOVE 3 months before your moving date for a free guess.
* Plan what items you need to take with you to your new home.
* Make an itemized inventory list and establish the value ( in U.S. Dollars ) of the items for insurance purposes.
* Gather all documents ( passports, innoculation records and visas, if necessary ) and property to take with you.
* If you purchased new products, have the invoices available.
* Provide your overseas address, phonephone number and e-mail, so that you can be contacted and kept informed of your shipment’s status.
* Read the customs information page we have provided for your destination country. Laws depend on change without notice. Everyone should know their rights referring to customs regulations. We recommend that you contact the consulate’s Office for the most recent information.

Items Not to Ship

It is recommended that you do not ship the following items :

* Valuable and important papers like family records, birth certificates, marriage documents, finance information and other like documents.
* jewellery
* Fire Arms ( license is needed in some countries )
* Live Plants or Seeds ( license is required in some nations )
* Open bottles containing any liquids or other contents
* Flammable cleaning solutions or other toxic liquid substances
* Alcohol ( in hand bags only )
* Pressure spray can

Check with customs laws, or call the consulate for other possible restrictions
in your destination country.

IntlMOVE can pack everything for you or just your fragile items such as dishes, glasses, computers, televisions, and glass top tables just to name a few. We include the necessary boxing and wrapping materials.

If you choose to pack by yourself, we suggest you follow these guidelines:

* Never pack over the edge of the container.

* Use small boxes for heavy items such as books and tools.

* Double tape the bottom of the boxes.

* Do not over load the box. The box should be easily picked up by one person.

* Pots, Pans & Kitchen Utensils – fit items inside one another whenever possible to conserve space.

* China, Glassware, Dishware, Silverware, Small Picture Frames & Valuables – breakable items should be wrapped individually in paper. Large dishes and heavy items should always be placed on the bottom, and smaller items on top. Plates and dishes should be placed vertically, separated by wads of paper. We suggest 3″ of paper on the bottom and 2″ of paper between layers.

* Clothing, Linen, Towels & Draperies – fold and pack neatly in to clean cartons or dresser drawers.

* Mirrors & Paintings – carefully wrapped and put in mirror cartons.

* Lamps & Lampshades – remove the bulbs and shades, pack the lamp with linen or wrap separately and put into clean cartons. Shades should be wrapped with tissue and placed in large linen cartons.

* Rugs & Carpets – roll and wrap in plastic.

* Tools – remove all fuel from power tools (do not ship flammable fuel – EVER), pack tools in small cartons and wrap fragile items separately.

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