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Launching a new product to market is full of challenges. It is presenting your ideas and making the market accept and believe in what you are presenting. You envision a lot of things about your product and for it to become real, you need to find a way to launch your product modestly. Here’s how.

1. GENERATE IDEAS. Before you get to launch your product, you need, of course, to have a solid idea to start with. As with any other product development, idea generation comes first. Believe that to idea is stupid. Sometimes, what you think as stupid may be something the market might be looking for. So write every idea down and subject them all to screening. Make product specifications and marketing strategies on how to launch your product.

2. DO YOUR RESEARCH. This is very important. You do need to know a lot about your competition so you can establish an edge against your competitors.

3. BRAINSTORM. As you go along the product development, brainstorming will be necessary. Brainstorm with your team to gather as much ideas as you need. Make sure that you record changes for future reference. This includes the design, features, functions, cost of the product, and after sale services.

4. POSITION YOUR PRODUCT APPROPRIATELY. Product positioning also plays a vital role in product launching. This is critical because wrong positioning will lead to non-acceptance of the product. You need to be mindful of how your product will create an impact to the market. Most importantly, demonstrate product differentiation. Have your core message repeated over and over again for it to leave a mark to your target market.

5. HAVE A PRODUCT LAUNCH PLAN. Establish a robust launch plan. Define you sales objectives clearly and take care of your promotions and advertising activities.

6. DISTRIBUTE SAMPLES. Send product samples to the market for product review. You need to create a reliable life-support system for your product to keep you going.

7. FORECAST SALES. Forecast your sales and build a sales plan that will help you avoid overlooked cash flow problems. This will help you identify problems so you can deal with them beforehand.

These product launch campaign guidelines will help you go smoothly as you progress with introducing your product to the market. This process must be well taken care of because you cannot just bring a product to the market just for the sake of doing so. You need to synchronize all of it for the critical success of your business. Launch your product the right way and avoid the common pitfalls along the way!

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Many first time sellers have one thing in common, they fail. Many of them fail time and time again, never understanding what is going wrong. They do hours of research looking for the perfect item to sell, get the auction set up, and wait for the bidding to begin. Hours go by and no bids are placed. Days go by, and there are still no bids, or there are very low bids. Finally the auction ends, and it turns out to be a total failure. Considering the huge number of sellers who run eBay auctions, there are specific things you must do, and specific things you must not do if you are to be successful.

There are many reasons why auctions fail. The most common reason is that the item is not in high demand. This problem can be avoided by doing the necessary research to determine which items sell well, and which items should be avoided. This research takes a great deal of time but in the end, you will find that it is time well spent.

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Another reason for eBay failure is pricing. No matter what your reserve price is, your opening bid price should never be more than $50 or so. This is how you will attract potential bidders to your auction. If you set that opening bid too high, most people won’t even click the link to read the description for your item. Another pricing problem is lack of research.

Before you set your reserve price, you must determine what the item is really worth, and the price similar items have sold for in past eBay auctions. Poorly written descriptions are another cause of failed auctions. Poor grammar and misspelled words drive people away. Failing to post a picture of the item will also keep people from visiting your auction page. Make sure that your description is well written. This is essentially your sales copy.

Shipping prices scare people away from auctions if they are too high. Find the lowest shipping prices that you can find, and consider paying for the shipping yourself if it won’t cut into your profits too much. Do not charge handling fees.

Offer great customer service for all of your auctions, and ask your buyers to give you feedback. If the items that you sell are everything that you said they would be, and you offer great customer service, you can expect wonderful feedback and this feedback will help a great deal in your future auctions.

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