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The world today has gone literally gone acronym crazy. Every industry has its own plethora of acronyms to bamboozle the uninitiated. Acronyms are also often a source of great pain for those people who have to create procedure documents for their industry. There is a way to survive this turmoil through the power of Auto correct and it will definitely save you time.

Auto correct was originally developed by Microsoft to help those people using Microsoft Office and in particular Microsoft Word overcome typing issues but it has also become the saviour to those working in an acronym world.

I hear you saying it, HOW!

An acronym in essence is short couple of characters that have a special meaning for example in Australia we have a term called the Australian Business Number which has an acronym abn. If you were producing a lot of documents that refer to the term Australian Business Number you would find it takes a little time to right that whole name. In many cases it would be inappropriate to actually use the acronym. What Auto correct allows you to do is to program into the application the term abn and associate it with the full name Australian Business Number.

What this means is that when you are typing your documents and you need to refer to the term Australian Business Number, you simply type in abn and as you press the space bar Microsoft Word will then convert the acronym abn to Australian Business Number.

So why does it do this?

Like I mentioned before, Auto correct was really developed to overcome the issue of people mistyping words. Essentially as you type Auto correct checks to see if what you are typing is correct and if its not it will correct it with the options in the Auto correct list. Some of the common typing mistakes you might incur would cna instead of can. If you open Microsoft Word and type in cna it will automatically correct it to can.
Lean manufacturing offers many mental challenges for all levels in an organization. First of all believing there are wastes in the system is a challenge. People have a safe territory. They do not want to leave it. People are very comfortable in this territory, whether it is truly good or assumed to be good. Understanding the fact, there are wastes to be removed from the system offers a threat to the safety of this comfort zone. People therefore are not willing to come out of this, unless they see something they can’t resist. For an example people will not see their high work in progress as a waste unless they have a good reason to see it as. If one can see huge lead time savings and improved flexibility as the results of removing work in progress from the system, then they will have less resistance in looking work in progress as a waste. With all these resistance, lean manufacturing is spreading throughout the world in a rapid phase. This implies the fact that there are many, many organizations understand the advantages offered by lean manufacturing. This goes to show how strong lean manufacturing principle and concept is. It has a proven ability of removing the wastes from the system.

The second phase of lean manufacturing is understanding the root causes of the wastes. Ones you understand the fact that your system has wastes, then it is the time to remove them from the system. This is necessary for a successful lean manufacturing implementation. How to do this? First of all, we have to understand the sequence in which wastes to be removed. Priority should be in removing large wastes which have biggest impact on the system and so on. Once this is done, we will have to understand the root causes for this problem. We will have to map these root causes, and systematically remove them. We can use a lean manufacturing tool like Ishikawa diagram or a cause and effect diagram in doing this.

When we know the root causes, it is the time to remove these root causes from the system. Actually this can be described as the starting point of lean manufacturing implementation process. This process needs lot of skill, leadership and support. Talking to the emotions of the people is one of the important aspects of this phase. For an example, if you have found out that machine breakdown as the prime source of problem, then you will have to work with the inefficiencies of maintenance process. This will create pressure among the people in the maintenance department if they are not trained well to understand the lean manufacturing principle. These situations must be handled with great care.

At the end of the process of removing these root causes, it is very important to make sure that you have successfully removed the waste. Removing 90% will not do. Once you make sure that you have successfully removed the identified waste, and then you can repeat the same cycle for another problem. This will go on and on. Problems will be identified continuously and will be removed continuously.

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