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Having a trade show display is something that more companies need to try. This is because a lot of people come to trade shows. They not only come to see what they can get their hands on, but they like to see what the different companies are offering. Yes, some do come just for the freebies, but there are plenty of individuals who come for the educational value of it all. That is why it is very important to have portable display stands as a part of your trade show display.

There are different types of portable display stands that you can use for your trade show display. It is basically up to you which you get. You can base it on your budget and your style.

Different types of display stands

First of all portable display stands can have several different holders. This means that you will be able to hold more than just one brochure or flyer. You’re going to be able to hold much more than that. So here is a rundown of what you may encounter when looking for the right portable display stands for your trade show booth:

- You can get curved display stands or a literature rack that holds multiple pieces of literature for anywhere between $175 and $200. These are units that sit on the floor, but they can set up quickly. They usually fold up in some way.

- There are fabric displays that can cost you under $100.

- You can find tabletop displays for under $100 and still hold multiple pieces of literature.

- You may even find that a rotating magazine rack is the way in which you can display your literature. This is something that may still cost you anywhere from $90 to $125.

- There are lighted displays that may cost you around $500. This is one of the most expensive units you can invest in.

There are so many different types of display stands. What you pay depends on what your style is. You may choose something super sophisticated, which will come packed with a sophisticated price. Then again, you may choose something that is modest with a modest price. You have so many choices and so many price ranges to choose from. That means you’re not going to have a hard time choosing the right display stands for your trade show booth.

Why use display stands?

When distributing literature, you don’t want to have to lay the literature down flat upon the table you’re using in your trade show booth. This is because it gets knocked around and can look really messy. People will sit their things on top of them. Fanning them out on a table also means you’re using up space that could be used to display your product or something else important. Even using a tabletop display stand will save a lot of room and keep things organized.

So for the sake of your image, it is a good idea to use portable display stands for your literature. That way you look really professional and people are able to freely grab information about you and your product. People like it when literature is made available to them and you’re going to like it too. You’re going to like it because that means you have possible new customers. That means you’re going to make even more money, which is made possible by setting up a trade show booth and being organized with that booth. That means you have made the trade show and your display work for you. It’s just a matter of finding the materials that will serve you best.

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