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Businesses and factories have been using pallet trucks for decades to easily and quickly move heavy goods from one position to another, whether it’s to move building equipment onsite or to quickly unload a van of furniture. When using your pallet truck it is very important to know how much weight it can handle and how much the goods you are moving weigh so you do not damage your pallet truck.

So how much can a pallet truck handle? All pallet trucks will differ in how much their maximum weight capacity is, infact this is a great deciding point in how much a pallet truck will cost, the more it can hold the more you will pay. Here are some examples of weight capacities:

- Regular hand pallet trucks can range from a capacity of 1500kg to 3000kg
- Rough terrain pallet trucks can range from a capacity of 1200kg to 3500 kg
- Galvanised and stainless pallet trucks can range from a capacity of 1000kg to 2000kg
- Heavy duty pallet trucks can range from a capacity of up to 10,000kg

As you can see the average weight for a pallet truck to handle is around 2000kg, excluding the need for a heavy duty pallet truck which allows you to move a lot heavier loads.

Are pallet trucks harder to move the more weight they can hold?

With any pallet truck they need to be handled with care and you should never work a pallet truck or any piece of equipment without the proper training. Pallet trucks are designed to be easy to move no matter how much weight is on the pallet truck. If you are constantly moving heavy loads you may want to consider buying a powered pallet truck which takes the strain off yourself as the pallet truck is electric it does all the hard work for you. If you have a manual pallet truck the jack is easy to use to jack up the pallet and the load and the wheels and steering handles make the moving of the pallet truck easy and light but it is still a case of having to push the pallet truck to move it along which requires strength and a good level of fitness.

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