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Process manufacturing software is the lifeblood of the chemical and food production industries. Products from paint to peanut butter are manufactured using some level of process manufacturing software applications, and for good reason. Process manufacturing software can make the almost impossible task of keeping track of formula characteristics such as the substances used, the units of measure for each substance and formula instructions, as easy as data entry will allow. Considering the large number of products and subsequent calculations most process manufacturers deal with on a daily basis, this is no small feat.
Of course, as with any software, there are differences between even the most widely used software applications. These differences are designed to set one company’s process manufacturing software apart from the competition’s software. Some features can prove to be very useful in certain circumstances, while others are cosmetic at best. Unfortunately, many process manufacturers use these differences as the sole factor in deciding on a software distributor. They often overlook customer service.
Customer service is one of the most, if not the most, important facets of purchasing process manufacturing software. Not only will the level of customer service a business receives affect the implementation time frame, it can also have an effect on the level of functionality achievable with the software. Processes manufacturing software can be highly complicated, and require training not only to maintain but also to properly utilize. In order to get the full benefit of all available features, personnel must be fluent in the organization and integration of the software as it pertains to their overall business structure. They must also be able to navigate through the various interfaces with a full understanding of the data fields that are displayed.
The software distributor should be the entity to provide the level of training necessary to successfully utilize the software they sell. Distributors who offer superior customer service will encourage active participation for an organization’s key personnel at all levels of the software implementation, from analysis to deployment. Purchasing process manufacturing software is quite an endeavor, and all pertinent criteria should be considered. While the differences in the software itself may or may not be a factor in the level of satisfaction a business receives from it’s purchase, the level of customer service the business encounters most certainly will be.

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