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One of the main questions that goes through your mind as you think about starting your own home based internet business will probably be ” How do I build my own website?”

Because it’s pretty obvious that you can’t really start an internet business if you don’t have a website.

At our company Wonderweb we have designed and built websites for hundreds of companies over the years.

From small sole traders up to massive organisations like Universities.

So we do know the problems and issues that go into building a website.

And significantly, a successful website.

And what do I mean when I say that?

Well for us, building a successful site means it fits two main criteria.

One , it has to be clean, fresh, easy to use and navigate and easy on the eye.

Number two, it has to be structured so that it attracts targeted visitors from the search engines.

Because if you’ve been asking yourself the question ” How do I build my own website ?” then that should be your biggest single concern before you even think about starting to build your first page.

The focus of the site and the way it is designed and built should all have the same goal in mind, to rank well in the search engines.

[That is our theory behind building sites.| That is the way we think websites should be designed and built.| That is how I think that websites should be built, that is the purpose and goal of the site.}

The real work is done before you even begin to put up your first page.

The number one factor in a sites online success or otherwise is the market research and keyword selection that you choose to build your pages around.

Get these factors right and your website can make a smooth and steady ascent up the search engine rankings and can provide you with a profitable business and increasing income.

get them wrong and you could be looking at a large waste of time and money.

Now there are lots of different tools you can choose to build your site.

Sites such as WordPress and Joomla are both very good products and very simple and easy to use.

But without doing the research and competition analysis first to determine the commercial potential of your market, the competition you face, the keywords you should be using to build your pages around.

You are building your website and your internet business on shaky ground.

Only when you have done the market research and competition analysis should you start thinking about putting up the first page of your site.

Building your site and pages around a blue print of keywords that support each other , and complementing that with all your on-page factors like anchor text, tags and linking structure.

Now this may sound a bit complicated but it really isn’t, if you take the time to find out what the search engines want from you and your site, and build your site accordingly.

Take the time to this important work before jumping in to get your site up and really give yourself the best possible chance of success.

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Click here to check out our blog with more on building my own website and all aspects of starting a successful internet business.


Rich Paylor

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