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The bearings on a skateboard are the most important aspect as this controls the whole movement and speed of the board. They are metal cylinders which enclose the wheel to the skateboard but allow the wheel to move freely with hardly any friction.

Bearings are rated using an ABEC scale of 1 to 9 on uneven numbers. This scale rates how precise the bearings are, the problem is the more precise the bearings are the weaker they are which isn’t great for skateboards. The ABEC scale does not go off how durable the bearings will be or their speed it is purely the precision. With skateboards you need the bearings to be very durable as any skateboarder will know the skateboard is under quite a bit of pressure, but you also need a good balance of precision. A good starting off point is to get a skateboard with a bearing of a 3 to 5 and then try them and see how the board feels for you.

Some brands of bearings are better than others but it is not always the most expensive that make the best bearing for you as everyone rides the skateboard differently. The Bones Swiss brand has a good reputation for skateboard bearings, a lot of the pros use them and they are aren’t that expensive and so the normal skater can afford and use them as well. Bones Red are a good bearing to use if you are a beginner skater as they are a lot cheaper and easier to ride and so easier to learn from.

Bearings can be bought from any skate or board shop, and they can be bought online. If you go to any of the major search engines such as Yahoo or Google and type in ‘skateboard bearing’ a list of websites will appear and you can go to the website and buy the bearings straight from there.

The best thing to do with bearings for your skateboard is buy a good brand at a reasonable price and trial them out to see how well they ride for you.

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