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When you start a new business one of the most important things is to get paid. However if you are offering goods and services on “pay later” terms then you are required to have a blank invoice for each customer. A blank invoice template is a good way of creating a company’s invoice form. It is a nice alternative in case a company is not using an integrated software system for printing its custom invoice forms. So whenever you receive an order you just need to complete the order and then type the details in to your invoice which is then delivered to the customer through mail, email or fax. It is available free of cost and is easy to make.

The first step towards creating a blank invoice template is to type “invoice” in a blank excel document in caps in the cell B1. Then you need to press enter and type the name of your company, mailing address, telephone, email address and website in the cell B2. Subsequently you are supposed to type the date in the cell E1. The invoice number is mentioned in the cell just below the data field i.e in the cell E2. The cell A6 is used for writing “Bill to”. Here is mentioned the address to which the item(s) are to be shipped as asked by the customer.

Product and pricing fields are to be created next. Item number comes in the A12 cell. Description is mentioned in the B12 cell. The identification number and the product details come in this category. The next thing to be included in a blank invoice template is the unit price which is specifically typed in the C12 cell and thereafter the cost of each item is calculated. Total cost is mentioned in the E12 cell. You can use features like bold, underline etc to highlight specific details mentioned in the blank invoice template.

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