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As the seasons change, many of us, particularly in the Northeast, engage in a tedious and sometimes emotional process of changing over our wardrobes. You know, packing up the shorts and tee shirts and pulling out the turtlenecks and sweaters. Typically, if we’re ready for it, we also do a “purge”, bagging those items we didn’t wear for charity or others who would benefit from them.

If you engage in this process, which is both freeing and can be very emotional, you will start to try things on to see if they still fit! You’ll hear yourself saying, “Those pants will work next season if I just drop 5 pounds.” Or, “I might go on a cruise finally and this flowery shirt will fit in!” Can’t you already hear the stories we make up in our head? I’m sure you’d rather continue to shift the boxes or hangers back and forth with not much change at all, right?

It’s really an interesting phenomenon, which translates to your life as well. There are probably items like a comb with few teeth left, a brush that’s worn down, shoes with uneven heels (but fit oh so well) among others, that you just can’t bear to part with. I understand, “we’re creatures of comfort” and anything less is just too painful to contemplate – for long.

So now we understand where this “holding on” can come from and how its tentacles can reach into so many areas of your life. What about your career? Are you in a job or career just because:

- You know how to go there every day and could do it blindfolded

- You and the security guard, coffee Shoppe hostess, etc. have a relationship that’s very comforting and jumpstarts your day.

- Your work items are not too complicated too often and you can anticipate like clockwork what happens when

- Perhaps it’s just good to have something “routine” in your life!

If any one of these reasons makes you pause, maybe it’s bringing up a deep seated concern you’ve had about your job or career that you really didn’t want to look at it. Let’s go back to the “changing clothes process” and how this can give you some comfort in examining where you are. When the process includes the giving away of items you no longer need or enjoy two things that are set in motion:

- Gratitude

- An opening for more

You’ll feel grateful for having had the item to enjoy. The warm feeling you get when you donate it to someone else gives you the same joy you experience when someone opens a gift from you.

Next, when you make space in your closet or your life, the Universe stops by to fill it up – usually with what you’re asking for! Nature abhors a vacuum. So there will be more on its way for which to be grateful.

Shifting gears, let’s return to the job/career that’s just a “fit”, but beginning to become worn, uneven and not inspiring. Maybe it’s because your talents are not being used effectively, so it doesn’t look or feel as good on you, as it once did.

Perhaps you can’t turnover and donate the entire job, but there may be areas that others would grow and develop from, in the delegation of those items. Perhaps they present mentoring opportunities or rotational assignments for a colleague or teammate, giving you the opportunity to “donate” to build skills.

While you may look at those routine items and think “boring”, for someone new or experiencing the same routine in their positions, this could be a great opportunity to learn something new! Don’t discount this point. One man’s trash can become another’s treasure.

So take a close look at your current activities and where you could “donate”, i.e. delegate, share, create an opportunity through a mentoring or growth option for someone else. When you help others in this way, similar to donating the clothing, you’re creating gratitude and the opening for more good to come into your life and career.

The seasons are changing; will you use the opportunity to breathe some freshness into your life and career?

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