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Operating expenses for running an online business may not be as many or as steep as you would with a brick-and-mortar store, but if you’re not careful, you can still end up paying more than you should. To get cheap domain name and hosting for your website, here’s what you should do.

Look for the best domain registration site.

An ideal domain registration site is one that can offer you lots of choices when it comes to domain names search and web hosting packages. That way, you get all your website needs from a single site. If you have a separate provider for domain names and web hosting, you’ll be inconvenienced with having to keep in mind dual payment dues and maybe even pay maintenance fee twice.

Don’t mind about domain extensions.

Generally, the first rule of the thumb would be to purchase a dot com (.com) extension for your website. But if you can’t find the best name with a dot com extension for your website then don’t stress it. Move on to the next domain extension. There are a lot to choose from anyway.

.net means network and is commonly used by online businesses that have anything to do with website creation.

.info is, as you’ve no doubt guessed, short for information. If you are running a consultancy firm, an information site like Wikipedia, or anything that primarily deals with the dissemination of data then of course, you should definitely use a .info domain extension.

How about a .org extension? It’s the abbreviated form for organization and is commonly used by non-profit foundations. If you are running a charitable organization of any sort, you can distinguish yourself from other establishments immediately with a .org extension.

Many small businesses these days opt for a .biz domain extension. Using this particular extension can immediately serve as a way of branding your online business. It signifies your business’s ability to offer personalized attention to your customers and address the needs of niche or exclusive and specialized markets. If that’s how you want your business to be recognized for, you won’t go wrong with choosing .biz.

Finally, there’s one of the newest additions to the family—the .us extension. If there’s any need to highlight the fact that your business is established in the United States then choose .us. It’s also a good, generic alternative to the .com.

Read the fine print.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to read the fine print before signing with any domain and web hosting company. You’ll save yourself a lot of trouble just by taking the time to analyze your contract and understanding its terms and conditions.

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