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An opportunity to give a speech is often an honor and even more frequently a major source of anxiety. No, not because the prospective speaker has nothing to say but because the process can be intimidating. There is the element of public exposure; your peers, employees and / or customers (patients) will shape an opinion of you based on one single performance… No wonder the very prospect of giving a speech is intimidating. If you happen to be a female, it gets even worse: people will judge you by your appearance: your hairstyle, outfit, nails, you name it! Pretty much the whole idea of giving a speech seems like an insurmountable challenge. Or is it?
I’m sure that you’ve been in the audience of a fabulous speaker before. The speech was informative, entertaining and the speaker highly likeable. True? Did you notice his or her clothing? Did you judge the speaker by appearance? The old truism comes to mind that if you really like someone you suspend your judgment. (Think of Suze Orman: I can’t imagine anyone noticing, leave alone commenting on, her appearance. The woman’s knowledge is impressive, her ability to share it is phenomenal, her talent for public speaking is unquestionable, all we see is her brilliance and charm.) Do you know what I mean? Yes, you have to dress appropriately for the occasion but that’s all: the attendees will be there to listen and will judge you by your speech.
What is the secret of a successful speech? The substance of it – and that’s an indecent thing to say – is secondary to the self-confidence of the speaker. If the speaker is dressed for the occasion, is self-confident and has something to say that’s of value to me, I’ll be most likely a satisfied listener. Where does the self-confidence of the speaker come from? Like in many other situations, from being well prepared. If the content of the speech is well researched, if its form allows for substance as well as a bit of entertainment, and if you’ve taken the time to study it well and are comfortable with the gist of it so much that you could – if needed – improvise on it, you’ll give a great speech. How can I say that? Well, you’ll have enough confidence in the material and consequently in yourself to project it and a confident speaker does well. In other words, the emphasis is on: speech writing, speech writing, speech writing! If you’re a skillful writer: go ahead. If you’re not, get help. There are speech writing services out there, professional writing services, professional writing on demand. Either way, the backbone of your overall performance is a well-planned, well-written and well-rehearsed speech. 
The opening of a speech can make or break the whole speech: that’s the breaking of the ice, if you will, when everyone’s expectations center on you. But in a case of a well-written and well-rehearsed speech you’ll have the upper hand: you’ll know before anyone else that you’ll meet and exceed expectations. The opening paragraph of a speech has to be one of its strongest points: it is the essence of the entire content and sets the mood. It is not be underestimated. If you “kill” and grab attention with the opening paragraph you’ll hold the audience captive.
What will you speak about? Condense the entire conclusion of your speech in one to two sentences. Now, if the subject itself is depressing the essence of your speech will become its undoing. Nobody, no matter how professional your audience may be, wants to sit and listen to bad news. Make your opening fly or you’ll risk becoming the disliked messenger of a sad or bad message.
Create a context for the essence of your speech; surround the bad news with something good, smart, and tactfully optimistic. No matter how grave the message there is only a way to make it sound more upbeat. (So-and-so many patients survive cancer. Elaborate. Still, this specific cancer kills people en masse. Quote somebody famous on the subject of the price of progress. The effect will be much less devastating and the audience will be clear that the frustrating facts are temporary and work on developing more effective treatments is on the way.) Another example: business is so slow you’ll have to layoff so and so many employees. The news will be devastating to many. Don’t leave it at that! Economy is on the rebound. The layoffs are temporary. The employees in question are exemplary and valuable. You’re not firing, you’re trying to protect the company that did in the past – and will in the future – provide income to many. Show your emotions, mention Pyrrhic victory.  Let the audience empathize with you, not hate you. Whatever you do, do NOT  open speeches on deadly serious subjects with a joke.
With the exception of speeches on sad topics, by all means: utilize a bit of humor. A good laugh will relax everyone, including you. The reason successful speakers frequently use jokes is that they help the speaker to control the audience.
The speaker sets and controls the mood throughout his or her speech. Consider it before writing your speech. For the duration of the speech, you’ll have considerable power as well as considerable responsibility. Use both wisely: life doesn’t end with a speech; you’ll be interacting with your listeners tomorrow. The feelings you create, sustain and leave them with will translate into their feelings not just about your message but you personally.

Last but not least, a speech is a powerful weapon of self-promotion. For the duration of the speech – while you hold the attention of your audience – you can present yourself in the way you’d like to be seen. Yes, speeches are that important because every speech leaves the listeners with an opinion about the speaker. A great speech can advance your career and showcase your abilities; it should convey your strength, authority and professionalism; and if you do everything right: with just the right balance of self-confidence, expertise, humor, self-deprecation and personal charm, you’ll develop a fan base and will be asked to speak again soon…

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