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Concentrate on your import/export for international trade.

1. Avail international trade directories from consulates/internet which are information goldmines.

2. Apart from import/export, international trade directories catalogs of goods in demand for global sourcing will be extremely helpful.

3. Equipped with information, do the due diligence on import/export licensing procedures, taxation in your country, opening a bank account. You need the extended license number to mention on all import and export documents.

4. Certain products are restricted from global sourcing for various reasons; avoid them.

5. Import/export of products like chemicals, pharmaceuticals, arms, and apparel require additional permits in addition to import/export license. Start-ups can begin with global sourcing or import/export with uncategorized items, then move up the ladder to include these. On the other hand, international trade in products like dairy and poultry/seafood need extra handling facilities adding to infrastructural costs, similar to offline trade

-Leveraging E-Commerce for Import and Export

Internet being a beautiful leveling concept can be leveraged to maximizing your global sourcing or import/export business with apt planning.

1. There are free or fee based memberships on international trade portals dedicated for e-commerce. Your presence here provides the requisite exposure to target customers in import/export or global sourcing as the case may be.

2. Submit your e-commerce site to major search engines, reputed industry directories and issue regular blogs/press releases specializing in international trade.

3. Import and export gets a boost when your e-commerce site facilitates responding to quotation requests, chatting/online negotiation, document sampling, invoicing and new product notification.

4. The e-commerce site may be configured to accept sample orders from new global sourcing clients before engaging in full fledged import/export. Clients may like this feature as it shields them from risks and travel costs.

5. Internet facilitates multiple payment handling features which is just the thing a free global sourcing surfer wants. In addition, SSL certificates, trust worthiness authentication help you walk the long mile.

Global sourcing leveraged by e-commerce saves a lot of routines and costs and permits you concentrate on core business activities, especially in complex international trade procedures. It hardly matter whether you are in e-commerce for import/export or domestic trade, what really matters in global sourcing is strength and credibility which only e-commerce sites enjoy unlike offline import/export houses.

Having said everything, don’t you think pricing and quality are two crucial factors to the success of your import/export e-commerce endeavor in the face of fierce global sourcing?

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