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When businesses think about organization they usually think about placement and how things look. Organization is so much more than that. It is a common misconception that if you are neat you are organized. The two are NOT synonymous.

Being neat simply means everything looks orderly and tidy. Being organized means you know where things are and get things done efficiently.

Being neat helps your visual clarity. Being organized helps your mental clarity. (It really does)!

It is entirely possible to be messy but organized or neat but unorganized. It is also entirely possible to be both (either way). For purposes of this article let’s focus on being neat AND organized.

You need to think about who will see your ‘area’. Will you have clients in your office or is it only you? The first impression that your client gets should be a good one. No matter how much they like you and know you will do a great job for them, if you can’t put your hand on their file easily you won’t leave them with a good impression. If you are not ready for your meeting with them because you are not prepared, it will not give them confidence in your abilities. You may be the best at what you do, but if you don’t give them a sense that you are in control you may lose them as a client.

Being neat means you stack the mail in a tidy fashion when you bring it in the office. Being organized means you handle the mail one time and put the bills, ads, publications and correspondence where they go so you will deal with them when the time is right.

Being neat means that all your papers are orderly in files. Being organized means you actually know which papers are in which files and you can put your hands on them at a moment’s notice.

Being neat means that you put things in nice, pretty piles and it is pleasing to the eye. Being organized means you have systems and habits in place that get things where they belong and you feel a sense of control over your life and work.

When you have that sense of control over your environment you are automatically more efficient and productive. You KNOW what has to be done. You KNOW what to do and you KNOW it will get done. There are no longer any doubts or insecurities about being prepared and meeting deadlines. You KNOW you’ve got it handled!

So remember, being neat is good. Being organized is better. Being neat and organized is best!

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