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Before you can start making money, you need to set up an account with a place called Clickbank. Everything was explained in tutorial video. So I followed those steps and the last issue in the form to fill was my Nickname.

Nickname is a secret name. I have always been fascinated by nicknames. Nicknames can be fun, silly or embarrassing. Nicknames can play an important role in someone’s life. Some people love having a nickname, others can’t stand theirs.

In my case the nickname I choose will be the “ClickBank ID” for my account. It will be visible to the customer every time they sell one of my products, and will appear on the memo line when they send me a check. This Nickname will be a part of my affiliate link or hoplink. Keep in mind that the nickname cannot be changed once your account has been opened. I finished that operation with the bank and continued my next step – to buy my first domain name.

The same story. I followed what had been shown in video. I chose my domain name. Then I bought my domain and set up domain forwarding.

What is domain forwarding?

It’s simple! Forwarding sends visitors coming to your domain to the webpage you set there.

Domain forwarding lets you automatically direct your domain’s visitors to a different website.

For example: I want to promote breast implants and recommend customers to visit my web.

If you visit my domain you will be directed automatically to website where the breast implants are sold. If you buy some the bank will identify my Nickname and send me a commission on this purchase.

It took me a long time to understand what I need the domain name for?

I am little bit confused but now I know that I want to continue learning these new things because they are so interesting for me.
I hope that my husband knows anything about my secret “business” ( I have not earned anything until now ).

Next chapter – My First WebPage.

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