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Is your business a high performing one? A high performing organization is lively. It is so spirited that it may even bend the laws of probability. It is a result oriented business basking in the laurels of its own success.

A high performing business is already on the right course towards reaching of its goals. There is a saying that it is better to be 1% good in many things than 100% good in one thing only. The high performing organization too performs better more evenly in every aspects of its business. Every facet of the business is carefully nurtured by those involved in its operations. For a train to move every one of its wheels have to work. Similarly, in a business every part of it has to be kept well oiled with motivation for smooth friction free performance. And s high performing organization is one where the commitment for achieving business goals is evident at all levels. All those involved functions like the members of say, a team of football. They move the organization, like the ball, forward skillfully maneuvering through challenges towards the goal post of its business excellence.

 With resolute effort you too can make your business organization a high performing one. And how you are going to do that is explained in the following paragraphs. Whether your organization is small or large its success depends on factors that are similar. What are these factors that influence the performance of your business?

They are; the authority and decision making, the focus of the organization, the cooperation, the information and communication, the commitment and motivation, the handling of personnel, the personal relations and the key performance factors. If you pay constant attention to these factors and improve them, as part of running the regular business affairs, then your business will progress towards its set goals unhindered. Let us look at each of the above factor in detail.

The authority should be well distributed within the organization so that the decisions are made at the right level near the point of action for that decision. This involves empowerment. It is delegation of authority and not abdication of authority. This gives a sense of confidence to your subordinate. Then they will be part of the solution and not part of the problem.

The next performance influencing factor is focus. The focus of all involved in your business should be on the success of the organization. The main focus of the team involved in conducting the business should be the goals of the company and its mission and vision. In a high performing organization you see high degree of cooperation and problem solving every where because everyone cares for the organization with a sense of belonging.

Unlike a traditional organization where little information is available at the lowest level and the control of information is mainly at the top, in a high performing dynamic organization the information flows up and down and across and available at all levels and information are correct as well. Those who work share information and use it as necessary for the benefit of the business.

The next factor that helps high performance is handling of personnel properly to ensure cordial attitudes and good relationships. There should be no room for resentments and grievances. Blame passing, criticism and resentment to each other in the organization are not conducive and be eliminated through focused relationship building. Only personal harmony and team attitude should be allowed to prevail in your business for it to be ready for success. Most valuable resource of a business being its people they should be kept motivated at all times to perform better. A contented workforce is easy to keep motivated. At the same time development of skills necessary to perform better need attention.

 Finally the key performance factors that help to make your business a high performing organization are excellent product and service, excellent quality, committed employees with mindfulness on quality of life and constant focus on continuous improvement of what they do.

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