How can i ensure more productivity in my home office Business Реклама Recent Posts « » How can i ensure more productivity in my home office June 17th, 2008 | Author: admin How Can I Ensure More Productivity In My Home Office? Get yourself a refurbished office cubicle!

If you work from home and you are new or old to this, you have started to realize that there are a lot of things catching and diverting your attention away from the work you should be doing. It would be so easy for me to do this because I have a lot of really cool “toys” in my home that I never get to play with because I work so much! However, by utilizing a few tips such as the ones I’m about to share with you, you will be able to keep your focus on what’s important – your work. And by working hard, you will then HAVE time to do those “fun” things on your personal time when all the initial work is done in your business.

First off, you should really consider matching your brand. I know this sounds silly, especially if you never have clients to your home office, but by branding your image you are having to “act” a certain way and feel a certain way. Having nice business cards on your desk, maybe a nice mat with your business logo or slogan on it and projecting your brand outward makes you feel like you belong IN your office. If you can’t believe you’re successful and that your business is needed to help people succeed, how are other people supposed to believe it?

Second off, you should consider the noise level in your office. If you live on a bust street and your office is noisy, this is going to create a sense of unfocusness (did we just made that word up?) If possible, you might be able to move your desk someplace else, or you might be able to put something up in the windows to dissipate the noise. If worse comes to worse, you could always place some peaceful music. Personally for me, I can’t live without my music and I work better with it on. You might be different! Next, you need to create a barrier. This can be done quite easily with a cubicle or other device.

However, if you have checked on prices for cubicles you might have had to pick your jaw up off the floor. These are expensive! I don’t have a door and people (and animals) just come down and start bothering me! I’m not kidding! And I just would feel better having home and office separated. If you don’t have a few hundred bucks to slam down for office equipment or cubicles – buy inexpensively. I’m not talking abuot your local thrift store (remember step one?) What I am talking about is lowering your overhead by buying some refurbished office furniture, used office cubicles, and office furniture cubicles.

These are quality office furniture options and can save you a lot of money and keep the headaches away! Don’t spend money you don’t have. Instead, come up with an alternative! Lastly, you need to consider bringing in things that are going to keep you happy. I’m not talking about your PS3. I’m talking about pictures you like, art, flowers, even your favorite mug can suffice! The point to all of this is that productivity comes from being efficient in how you work, and happy in HOW you work!

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