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Affiliate links are provided by online merchants who run affiliate programs. You can use these links to direct customers to the merchant’s site. So when a visitor buys a product on the merchant’s sales page through your affiliate links, you will get a commission from the merchant.

Affiliate links therefore are your golden tickets to perpetual online riches. These are the tools that can bring in the money so you better protect them at all times.

One of the best ways to protect your affiliate marketing links is through cloaking tactics. Links are usually hijacked by unscrupulous people to steal your commissions. To prevent affiliate link hijacking, you should cloak it so you can hide your affiliate ID.

The simplest way to hide your affiliate links is to shorten them into tiny URLs. There are websites that can offer free services to shorten your links. You can generate multiple short URLs of your links by using the link cloaking tools of these websites.

You can also buy cloaking software so you can fully control and customize the look of your links. Use of cloaking software is also important if you want your customers to bypass the opt-in page of the merchant.

The software can tweak your affiliate links so they will point directly to the order page of the merchant. Your customers therefore will not go through several web pages before they can land on the order page. This way, you can ensure that your customers can immediately buy a product so you can earn big commissions.

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