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Who doesn’t know what promotional products are? They are everywhere. The main interest is how can they be used. Every company likes the thought of people wearing their logo or using something that has their logo. It is probably a business owners happy dream to imagine walking down the beach and seeing his name on coolers with icy beverages, his hats protecting one and all from the sun, and maybe even Frisbee’s with his logo zooming past.

Promotional products like water bottles, t-shirts and hats are a nice way to thank those who send business your way.  Obviously, they are already happy with your business or they would not have referred others to you, they will proudly display your business name and logo for all to see. Birthdays, Christmas, or just for a referral thank you. Promotional items work as incentives to keep your employees motivated and happy.  Most employers who use promotional products as rewards for their employees find that they not only get some free advertising but they also have better employee retention.

If you go to an industry event and have a table to give items and info to people it should work out well for you. Trade shows and conferences are really good for making contacts because everyone attending is in a related business. This is one place where you want people to take something home that they will use and keep. There are decent bags that are made from canvas that you can have custom printed to give away. Everyone attending the event will want one because they can put their other goodies inside. Later they will use it when grocery shopping.

If you plan on going around your area and giving people business cards at other company’s then maybe taking magnets would work better. They will end up on the office fridge holding up delivery menus probably, but they won’t get tossed out. When your services are needed, your name and info will be right there.

There are many more unique advertising opportunities that you can find for promotional products.  The ones listed here are just a few of the most common ways to use them, but I am sure that you can find some unique ways to use these items to promote your business even further.  You just have to think outside the box.

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