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In a retail store, you often see different products under the same category. Now, not all these products offer the same profit margin to the seller. You will often see that a retailer is offering a specific product as the best one in the category. However, in some cases, the retailer is giving you the advice from his or her experience but often, the product at point is the one that offers better profit margin than other products in the same category.

This happens when the customer asks for the seller’s advice. As far as branded products are concerned, people already have a ready outlook – they know what they want to buy and sometimes they know the price of the product too. As a seller, you do not have much to do. You cannot stop selling the product for less profit. The customer will simply flee to another store to buy the product. In this situation, you are actually losing a regular customer of your store.

So how can you sell the products that offer you better profit margin?

There is no readymade answer to this question for you to follow. Retailers try different ways to sell the most profitable products. In addition, marketers from different parts of the world are trying to find out different ways to promote their products in the storefront. Here are some ways and tips that you can think about:

Relationship selling: Good retailers often develop great relationships with the regular visitors of his or her store, especially in the FMCG sectors. If you can develop a good relationship with your consumers, you can often subtly recommend them some products that offer you better profit margin. Sometimes, the buyer is not sure about which brand to buy and sometimes they directly ask the retailer about market reputation of a product. These are some opportunities for you to sell that product that offers you better profit margin. However, if you are not sure about the quality of the product, it is better to avoid recommending the product. There are high chances that you will lose a regular consumer for recommending the wrong product.

Highlighting the most profitable products in a category: People often act differently while buying a product. They may walk out of their home to buy a product from a specific brand but may change his or her mind abruptly at the store and buy the product from another brand. A lot of marketing experts say that the decision of buying a product is a momentary decision. You cannot predefine why the consumer changed his or her mind at the point of purchase. However, you can take some active initiative by over displaying the product that offers you better profit margin. This is an effective tactics followed by many successful retailers. You can put these products up or ahead of other products in the same category so that it catches the mind of the prospective buyer early. However, do not overdo these sorts of promotions. Sometimes the consumer becomes conscious about the situation and may become suspicious about your intentions.

The best way to make more profit is sourcing the product at the best price. Do some research to find out the best place to buy wholesale product under any category.

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