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All sorts of Promotional Merchandise have been used to advertise major sporting events for many years. Lots of famous companies give away millions of promotional products from printed T-shirts to embroidered polo shirts and from promotional bottled water to leather conference folders to make sure their name is kept well in front of their customers.

The Olympics has to be the world’s largest sporting event, held once every 4 years it is impossible to miss the fact the same sponsors are there every time. These household companies such as Hitachi or Honda can spend unbelievable sums in sponsorship at this event alone. Such is the power or advertising that they probably feel that if they are missing from the list of advertisers people will worry about their financial position.

Every 4 years the largest football tournament on the planet is played, the World Cup. Prospective clients of the sponsors will receive a whole raft of romotional items that could include anything from printed T-shirts or any other sort of promotional clothing. You will very often see enormous numbers of spectators all wearing printed T-shirts that were given away by sponsors. The only reason they do this is to get as much brand awareness out there as is possible.

However smaller events can also get a lot of attention from sponsors. Promotional Clothing is also used a lot with smaller events that are often very well supported. The British Open Golf Championship is a good case in point. There must be more embroidered polo shirts in one place then at any other time of the year. Promotional Golf Umbrellas are another sponsors dream especially when it rains. The advertising that can be seen on the umbrellas when they are open could cost a sponsor hundreds of thousands of pounds whereas they are getting it for giving away a couple of thousand pounds of worth of promotional gifts.

Smaller sporting occasions such as the Badminton Horse Trials are another sort of event that attracts corporations who want to advertise their products through the medium of promotional merchandise. Lots of tricks have been tried by companies who give away thousands of printed T-shirts in the hope they will stand out in the crowd. Recent TV adverts like the amazing Budweiser ads that show the crowds holding up cards that magically tell a story are being used more than traditional promotional products such as plastic keyrings or printed pens.

Even very local events such as school sports days or local council outdoor activities attract local sponsors who are keen to get their names around. Because printed T-Shirts are very inexpensive they are usually at the top of anyone list of purchases when it comes to promotional products.

If you are considering giving away some promotional items one piece of excellent advice is this. By spending a little more or quality the items will be appreciated more by the recipients and they will be kept much longer. By spending a little more or quality the items will be appreciated more by the recipients and they will be kept much longer. Printed T-shirts or embroidered polo shirts that are thin and poorly branded will only be worn the one time and then get thrown away.

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