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Immediately after Advanced Micro Devices unleashed its newest platform portfolio, Acer(Acer BATBL50L6 Battery) made the official introduction of not just new netbooks, but also ultrathin and mainstream notebooks based on them. In the meantime, Gateway (owned by Acer) has been seeing to the company’s collection of PCs based on Intel Chips also staying up-to-date. To this end, the PC supplier updated its NV Series with a certain feature that would help end-users keep in touch with their virtual lives more easily.

If you hear a series of beeps on startup, you might have a motherboard-level problem. Safe Mode not working? Your hard drive might be failing. Get your rescue drive or manufacturer recovery discs, boot up from it, and save whatever data you haven’t backed up.

There is one area where the Samsung outperforms all its rivals, whether big or small, and that’s its incredibly Samsung M40 Batteries life. It kept going for 11 hours in our tests, making it one of the longest lasting notebooks we’ve ever tested.

Like with most computers you’ll be able to connect to the internet through the 802.11b/g/n wireless interface. Connecting with your friends and family from around the world is made easy through the built-in webcam and microphone (located directly above the monitor. Lastly, the size of this ASUS UL80Ag Laptop Computer is ideal. Weighing less than 5 pounds and measuring only 1.1-inches thick, this computer is perfect for the traveling professional or student.

If Hewlett-Packard(HP F4809A Battery) releases a consumer tablet, it would probably be based on the Palm operating system, not Windows, says analyst Tim Bajarin of consulting firm Creative Strategies. He said Windows software wasn’t adequate for touch-screen technology as sophisticated as the iPad’s.

The ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 comes with 512MB of video RAM, and in our tests with regular games, was capable of good, smooth framerates – providing you didn’t push detail settings high.

Where the Intel X-25M really shines in terms of performance is most observed when launching apps, booting up, and shutting down your computer. When performing these operations, your computer feels twice as fast, and overall a whole lot peppier. After installing the X-25M into a MacBook Pro, we almost fainted when the computer booted into Snow Leopard in 31 seconds, compared to the 55 seconds it took to boot with the original Hitachi 5400 RPM hard drive that was in it. Instead of waiting a painful 28 seconds to launch Microsoft Word, Word now pops up in as little as 9.5 seconds.

The control unit produces three-phase AC current for the motor and is enclosed in a compact case with an extra cooling unit, while cutting edge software ensures the best handling under all conditions with readouts available for battery condition, residual motoring time, total motoring time, total engine hours, engine revs (rpm), used laptop battery power (in amps), an economy or full power switch over mode and more.

Another day, another Netbook. Though iPads, tablets, and other laptops keep forging on with technological innovations, the stalwart,Netbook remains largely the same generation after generation. New longer-life Atom processors notwithstanding, the real appeal of any competitor’s Netbook now has to lie in areas of design or build as opposed to feature set, since they’re all pretty much the same under the hood.

Central to the matter is the battle between Apple(Apple A1189 Battery) and Adobe Systems concerning Flash, an Adobe programming foundation widely used on the Web but banished from the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Apple further restricted even native applications originally written in Flash with new wording in section 3.3.1 of the iPhone OS 4.0 SDK, leading Adobe to cancel a Flash-for-iPhone programming tool as well. CEO Steve Jobs explained in a rare open letter in April, but his words didn’t satisfy Rentzsch.

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