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Panasonic has made cordless power tools for quite some time know. They started quietly with nice lightweight tools that caught on with some of the trades. The most common trades that I have seen have been the electrical, mechanical and cabinet making trades.

The impact Panasonic is making, (get it) continues to grow with their impact tools. Panasonic offers a variety of impact drills for many different tastes.

The impact Panasonic makes comes in several voltages and battery types. You can still find a basic NiCad impact drill from Panasonic model number EY6506 NQKWthat really is a nice little tool that won’t break the bank.

Moving up from their you can find a impact drill that offers an electronic clutch, the EY7202GQW . I don’t fully understand the capabilities of this tool, but when I had chance to play with a demo tool for a while, it really had some neat features. You can set the tool to clutch out at different settings. This really is helpful in assembly situations that you need to control the torque on. You can actually re create the torque setting every time. Another feature of this tool is after the tool clutches out, you can pulse the tool and get a quarter of a turn from the tool.

Another impact Panasonic makes is their multi driver tool model number EY6535 GQW. This tool is both an impact driver and a cordless drill. You can use the tool with a socket and impact a nut or bolt, then you can snap on a chuck and drill with the tool. This tool is useful for many applications including maintenance workers who are roaming around a large plant and don’t want to carry both tools.

As technology move forward, the buzz is with lithium impact Panasonic tools. Lithium offers loads of power in a smaller and therefore lighter package. Lithium does have it’s quirks, but Panasonic has always lead the way in battery technology and the impact Panasonic offers in lithium is no exception. At this time you can get a EY7540LN2L or a EY7541LN2L. These tools are very similar one is for the ¼” hex drive the other for a ½” socket. Both of these tools are packed with a flashlight.

Panasonic does have a couple other impact drills I have not covered here, but these are the most common. If you have ever used the Panasonic tools, you know that they are light and have some of the leading battery technology today. If you a have never used and impact Panasonic is worth checking out.

As a matter of fact why not give this a try. Next time you are considering buying batteries for you Panasonic drill, consider buying an impact drill from them that uses the same batteries. For the most part, if the voltage of the battery is the same, they will work in your current tool. There are some exceptions, but very few. If the battery looks similar to the one you have now and the voltage is the same it will fit.

So if you are looking for an impact drill, check out of the main players, but don’t count out the impact Panasonic makes. You will not be disappointed with their quality or their variety.

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