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A lease is a contract which subjects a lessee to pay to the lesser for use of an asset. A rental lease form is a rental agreement between a lessee and a lesser mutually agreeing upon certain terms and conditions.

It is very important that an extreme caution be taken while using these kinds of forms. These forms can at times be invalid, or forged. These aspects needs to be personally checked and clarified so as to avoid any kind of legal problems in the future.

Renting of a house or any other kind of property requires some legal formalities, which include filling of the ‘rental lease forms’. A tenant can be allowed to have any kind of access to the property to be rented, only after the rental agreements are confirmed. This agreement consists of following things:

•    The name of the land lords.

•    The name of the tenants.

•    Address of the property.

•    The rental amount is the next vital description in the form. This part of the form declares acceptance of the tenant to pay the advance rent to the owner, as well as the date of its commencement. It mentions that the rent requires to be received only by the land lord or in some unavoidable circumstances, to a designated agent.

•    The term of the lease is mentioned next.

•    The security deposits by the tenant and acceptance of the terms of the lease is the next mentioned detail in the form.

•    It states the amount of initial payment made by the tenant to the owner.

•    This mentions the number and the names of the occupants of the house to be rented. The property owner has the right to fix the limit for the number of occupants of the house.

•    Lease can be terminated by the land lord in case of any legal discrepancies on the part of the tenant. The owner can rightfully ask the tenant to abandon the house.

•    A Rental lease form ends with both the parties signing it as a proof of their agreement to all the aspects stated in the agreement.

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