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There is nothing more invigorating that riding on the open road on the back of a motorcycle. However, this relaxing hobby can often hold dangerous consequences. Did you know that on average, 166,000 Americans are hospitalized ever year as a result of motorcycle accidents?  Almost 5,000 of those victims will die from the injuries suffered from motorcycle accidents.  Motorcycle safety has never been more important.

Whether you have been riding for years or are just learning, you will soon discover you always need to be aware of everything around you. Safety is your biggest concern.  Sure motorcycles have a bad reputation for being dangerous, but they are actually quite safe and very fun to ride as long as you always keep your safety in mind. When you want to ride your motorcycle safely, here are a few tips you should always keep in mind:

Always wear a helmet
No other safety tip is as important as this one. It shouldn’t matter if helmets are mandatory or not; a rider should always wear one. According to a leading Denver Motorcycle Lawyer, a helmet can prevent a huge number of injuries both small and large. If you ever find yourself in an accident involving a motorcycle, helmets reduce the seriousness of damage to the head and brain.

Make sure your helmet has a DOT label. This means it was inspected and certified to meet federal regulations. Any passenger who rides on your motorcycle with you should also wear a helmet. If they don’t, you can be held liable from any injuries suffered. Would you rather ride on the open road or sit in the office of a motorcycle accident lawyer explaining your side of the accident?

Keep awake and stay sober
Ask any Motorcycle Injury Lawyer and they can attest that drowsiness and fatigue seriously impair the reflexes and ability to react for even the most experienced bikers. Never go out riding when you are fatigued and try to take intermittent breaks from driving on longer trips. It should go without saying that alcohol and drugs should be strictly avoided when riding a motorcycle.

Wear brightly-colored, protective clothing
A motorcyclist should make a point of always wearing the correct protective gear and to be clearly visible to other motorists. Cars and trucks are much larger than motorcycles and accidents involving them can be pretty dreadful. Riders are ejected and can skid along the road and such. Without protective leather clothes or boots, objects like rocks and glass can pierce and embed the flesh.

Follow all traffic laws
A significant number of motorcycle riders are driving without licenses or are improperly licensed according to a top rated motorcycle lawyer. Always make sure your license is current, and take care to obey the traffic laws. A regular refresh of road rules and local traffic laws is never a bad idea.

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