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Manufacturers of great products are struggling right now due to the potential threat of a recession, a slow down in sales this year and uncertain political and economic times.

The holiday season is the most important time of year for the retail industry. Some 50%+ of revenue is earned during the last 3 months of the year. Many retailers and manufactures had a tough 3rd quarter and need to recover from the strain. It is critical to have a strong 4th quarter to close out the year. To do so, manufactures must engage with their current customers, seek out new ones in effective and efficient ways and incorporate new strategies to do so.

There are several successful, inexpensive marketing and sales tactics worth investigating. These strategies are ideal for manufactures in the retail and e-tail business. Here are 5 doable strategies to increase sales:

1) Grass roots marketing. Pay attention to the bloggers out there who write to your target audience. Mommy Communities, beauty blogs or other product specific Blogs are great resources to get free exposure for your products.

2) Increase online advertising dollars. Margins are higher for manufacturers who e-tail. GoogleAdwords is an easy, do-it-yourself tool to help you with online advertising. Well written pay per click advertising campaigns can rapidly increase your ROI.

3) E-Newsletters. Your happy customers are your best source of advertising. Strive to build a community with your customers. Write to them, send an e-blast, and keep them connected to your business, products and future.

4) Re-purpose or market your product as a gift or a utility item. Both are always in need. Mom’s and women are still buying products, especially for the holidays, but they are evaluating the value of the product prior to spending money. Consumers buy gifts and utility items year round.

5) Give back to your loyal customers. Everyone is struggling now. Do what you can to give back. Create POS materials for your retailers, try to get press in markets which will help your retailers, or give small discounts to your customers. We all appreciate the notion that we “are in this together.”

These are year round strategies to help increase sales not just marketing approaches for the 4th quarter. Implementing basic, predictable and inexpensive marketing tactics will help you have a successful holiday season and will prepare you for the upcoming challenges in the year ahead.

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