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Designing interesting brochure and flyer layouts can seem like an overwhelming task.  However, even someone with just basic computer skills can design an interesting layout if they know what to include.  Here are some of the key things that you need to focus on to make sure that your brochures and flyers accomplish your goals.


Contrast occurs when the materials throughout your flyer or brochure are varied to draw attention to key areas and make the printed item more interesting to view.  There are numerous ways that you can achieve contrast, such as varying the color, font, size, and spacing of items.  For instance, a drop cap can highlight the beginning of a paragraph, and bolding headings will make them pop on a page.  Using light colored type against a dark background can also make your brochure or flyer more visibly interesting.


Repetition important to creating a flyer or brochure that truly reinforces your message.  For example, you might reuse the same logo throughout your brochure or use the same color for your flyer.  You could also choose motifs that tie in other materials.  For flyers, using a frame of graphics can help pull the finished product together.


Alignment involves the use of a consistent layout that helps the viewer of your brochure or flyer read the information easily.  You should choose to align text consistently throughout the document.  If you have columns of text, use a grid layout to create consistent margins.  For flyers, choose one way to align the text and keep it consistent throughout the entire page.  This will allow you to include more information without the literature becoming cluttered or difficult to read.


Proximity is bringing similar items together in the brochure or flyer so that their commonality is emphasized to the reader.  Instead of scattering small photos throughout the text, if you group them together in one section, you will create a bigger impact to the reader.  In some cases, choosing one larger graphic in place of multiple smaller ones will have a better visual effect.


If you have heard of the “KISS” philosophy (Keep It Simple, Silly), then you can apply this to your brochure and flyer design.  Trying to include too many design elements into one document will make it difficult to read and cause confusion for the reader.  Avoid using too many different colors, fonts, or styles on your page.  Remember, you are not trying to seal the deal with the flyer or brochure, but simply get the reader interested in what you have to say.

Tying it All Together

The most effective flyers and brochures are able to tie the above elements in together.  By applying alignment, contrast, proximity, and repetition to your document, you will make it more interesting to view.  And by keeping it simple, you will attract more readers, allowing you to share your information and start the sale.

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