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Internal audit reports are the first line of defence against making sure that your accounting practices and business transactions comply with all of the laws of the land. An internal audit will allow you to keep a tab on exactly where and how money is flowing in your business, and thereby allows you to make changes and tweak things as and when needed. Additionally, an internal audit will ensure that there are no financial aspects of your business that are slipping under your radar.

One of the most important factors when running a successful business or organisation is to make sure that you always have clear precise documentation of every single important transaction, process, and action that takes place. This will give you a clear reference point if anything goes wrong. Additionally, the chances of processes and actions deviating from their expected results are very low when there is a comprehensive and systematic database of documentation concerning the appropriate requirements and procedures that need to be implemented. Some of the subjects and topics that businesses need documentation for on a regular basis include, but are not limited to:

Operations Manuals and Procedure Writing

Quality Management Systems

Safety Management Systems

Environmental Management Systems

Integrated Management Systems

Procedures, Forms & Technical Writing

Consulting and Certification Processes

Electronic Manuals

Staff Handbooks

System Upgrades


As is plain to see, this extensive list of documentation is something that can make or break a business. As such, it is always a good idea to outsource the creation of these documents to professionals who have been working in the field of documentation for a significant period and have the relevant experience that is required to complete such a complex task. For more information, about obtaining the right business documents for the needs and requirements of your organisation or business, please visit

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