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ZapADeal has created a revolutionary new concept that combines social networking with fun, interactive and competitive online auction entertainment. ZapADeal is not a traditional auction website like eBay. They offer what are called “Reverse Auctions.”

ZapADeal is a unique auction concept that causes the price of items you are bidding on to go down not up! Yes, you read that right, the prices go down! You can’t sell anything on ZapADeal. All Items on ZapADeal are brand new brand name items that are listed and sold exclusively by the ZapADeal owners.

A reverse auction is where the price of the item that is being bid on goes down instead of up. Bidders pay a fee or “credit” to see a concealed price and every time someone views the price, the price goes down. Eventually the price will go down to zero and the last bidder wins the item. In addition to this reverse auction style, ZapADeal has several other unusual types of auctions. But, most of these auctions feel more like games of social competition than auctions. They are fun and exciting.

Best of all, ZapADeal does more than just give you the opportunity to save money through its online auctions; it also can make you money. That’s right, make you money! ZapADeal has set up a unique referral based compensation plans that enable you to make money for sharing their site with other people.

ZapADeal has chosen to grow its unique business by way of offer people the opportunity to develop a home based business around ZapADeal’s website. This gives people the opportunity to earn an income by way of referring others to join and participate in the ZapADeal auctions. Each ZapADeal affiliate will not only earn commission off of people they have referred or sponsored, but on the customers that their sponsors refer. By doing this affiliates have the opportunity to grow a very large customer base that they are earning commission from. The income potential is extraordinary.

While the purpose of ZapADeal is for most users to be regular customers; a customer may choose to become an affiliate and begin creating a home based business at anytime. ZapADeal has created an easy to use easy to learn system for starting a successful home based business. They have a proven system and a great team of leaders to help even the most inexperienced person learn to become successful.

Anyone is looking for a part time or full time home based business should seriously look into ZapADeal right away. Right now, ZapADeal is brand new, and it’s always a great opportunity to get started in a brand new business that has huge potential and lots of momentum.

ZapADeal is quickly making its presence known in the internet based social networking world. With the explosion of sites like Myspace, Facebook, Youtube and eBay, it is expected that ZapADeal will become one of the mainstays of internet based social interaction. With its entertaining auctions ZapADeal is sure to bring a new level of fun to the internet.

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