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If you have ever heard of Mike Dillard, chances are that you are in the multi-level marketing business or in some kind of internet or network marketing business. It is impossible that you have not heard of the techniques that have made Mike Dillard MLM leader in his craft and in knowledge.

Who is Mike Dillard and just what is it that he represents when it comes to the multi-level marketing and internet marketing industry? First of all, let’s look at the man before he became famous. For anybody who really doesn’t know, the surprising thing to know about Mike Dillard is that he used to be a waiter. Now this may not be surprising at first but there is one thing that makes him stand out. He used to be a waiter but made over $350,000 at the age of 28. Of course, he didn’t make that money out of waiting tables. He made that money by being the Mike Dillard MLM leader that he is by creating a process that he calls positioning or “sellucation”. So what makes him different than others when it comes to marketing? The money that he made when he was 28 was made in just 7 days!

This is what makes Mike Dillard MLM leader. It is his compilation of “sellucation” procedures that he made up to help make himself money. “Sellucation” is a term that he just made up as well and it refers to the art of selling through education. Mike Dillard continued to compile all this valuable information so that he could release a book called Magnetic Sponsoring. In this book, he secures his place as Mike Dillard MLM leader because it teaches people and business to develop their marketing skills and make them into magnetic sponsors. What are magnetic sponsors? They are people or businesses that attract prospects and leads to them; rather than businesses or people going out to leads and asking them to try them.

Mike Dillard MLM leader spends his time and effort in teaching his new method to people around the country. Many people have touted him to be some kind of marketing guru. Others still say that his techniques are all a scam. But there is no question that there have been many who have been successful because of his course. And it is exactly this course that has him invited to many speaking engagements and seminars. Sometimes he is even consulted by industry leaders for his expertise.

What makes his program special is that there s the promise of an almost instant return of investment. Imagine making lots of money in just days from learning what Mike Dillard MLM leader has to teach. The business model that he presents is an important tool that many internet marketers and multi-level marketers need so that they can attract more prospects to them. And he even promises a profit to businesses with small budgets. So, could it be really a scam if there are so many businesses succeeding with his practices? Or is it only a scam because people are not energetic or diverse enough to give his processes a shot? This can only be answered and proven through experience.

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