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A green workplace can mean a productive and healthy place for working. Whether you are the employee or the boss, whether your place of work is already green or still needs natural light, several practical steps can certainly set the basis for a green, healthy and low impact office. If the question of office green concerns you, follow worth considering tips to go green.

The first tip is to work more and consume less energy. For a large number of individuals, computer is the main tool of working. Optimizing energy settings for computers or other devices is the modest way to save energy. If possible set the computers in your office to energy saving settings as well as do not forget to shut them down while leaving or going out of the office. Through plugging the hardware in power strip with off/on switch, it is possible to turn off the entire desktop setup at once. Plug in scanners, printers or other peripherals only when used.  

Another tip to keep your working place green is digitizing. The current age is the digital age, but still individuals consume loads of bleached tree pulp, mashed up that gets used only couple of times and afterwards recycled or tossed. The best green paper is to utilize no paper, thus keep things dematerialized and digital, whenever probable. Save files on computers rather than in the file cabinets plus review documents onscreen instead of printing them.

Additionally, when purchasing printer paper, it is feasible to look for recycled paper with high percentage of post consumer content and least chlorine bleaching. The recycled paper also gobbled up good amount of energy, chemical resources and light during its processing. While using actual stuff, print on every side of the page and do not forget to use misprints in form of notepapers. If possible, choose photocopiers and printers, which do double side printing. In case, your workplace ships packages then reuse the boxes and utilize water paper as the packing material.

One more noteworthy go green tip is to green the commute. A large ratio of people spends loads of their time in commuting and thus waste gallons of gas. It is better to ease this strain through talking the public transit, carpooling, walking, biking or creative fusion thereof. Consider getting electric vehicle, hybrid, scooter and motorcycle. 

Also, redesigning the workplace is a nice idea. Begin with nice furniture, good ventilation and fine lighting. Make office furniture from the recycled material and make sure to make it recyclable. Replace the incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents or LED desk lamps, which utilize the least amount of energy. Create space from where natural light can enter in your office. Air quality of the workplace is also imperative, thus arrange for good ventilation but keep it natural.  

Share these going green tips with your co-workers and colleagues and make all the efforts that you can to keep your working space green and of healthy environment. Eliminate the usage of items that can harm your surrounding environment. Embrace environmentally friendly architecture, attitude and supplies in your office.

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