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IvyBot is a scam or Best forex robot. The IvyBot originally comes from a forex robot created to automatically open and close trades.This forex robot uses 4 x expert advisers to trade the 4 currencies. Usually, you will see forex robot using only 1 trading method which is equal to 1 expert adviser.

The problem with using 1 expert adviser is you are trying to use the same tool to do different specialized tasks. Every currency has their own distinct characteristics and pinpointing them using one trading method is near impossible.

This is one of the main reasons why forex robots trying to trade many currencies with 1 method failed miserably.

However if forex robot was to trade one currency like what Forex Megadroid does, you will not get many trades. Most forex traders are impatient and they expect the forex robots to open trades more often.

This is where innovation comes in, the Ivybot creators adopted a well-balanced approach by creating 1 expert advisor for each currency.

You are now effectively getting 4 x specialized trading robots to trade each currency. Something new and refreshing.
What are the currencies involved?

Ivybot trades 4 of the major currencies: EUR/USD, EUR/JPY, USD/CHF, USD/JPY.

They are some of the most volatile currencies around so you are going to get more trades than usual.
Timeframes used

Ivy bot trades using 1 hour exclusively. If you have been trading forex, you will know that 1 hour offers limited number of trades no matter what strategies you are using.

The higher the timeframe the lessor the trades. But they offer higher accuracy and winning rate in return. Which do you prefer?
Stoploss and Pips Profits

The profit target and stoploss for each currency varies as per their Average Daily Range. The profit targets range from 39 pips to 110 pips. The stoploss range from 30+ to 60+ pips

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