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One of the most common questions I am asked at the seminars, talks and Bootcamps I present, is, “But, Robin, how do I find people to Joint Venture with?” Good question, of course. In a world where a good website and business brochure can make a bank robber living in his dog’s kennel smoking weed look like the CEO of a Fortune 500 business, we have rightfully become skeptical, even cynical. We are wary of the scam artists and wanna-be’s out there. We don’t want to refer our trusted clients and friends to losers.

That’s why we started the DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum. Good people were invited to join and they invited their best people, and so on. And now that people from all over the world are applying to join, we insist they agree to adhere to our Code of Ethics and we watch them carefully. Any deviation and we unceremoniously kick them out. Unlike many “Networking Groups” that would accept Hitler if he paid enough, our fees are so low and our benefits so high that we can afford to be, and are, very selective. So that is one way to find good Joint Venture Partners: simply join the Forum!

Another way to find good Joint Venture partners is to start with your N.E.E.R. relationships – your Naturally Existing Economic Relationships – people whom you know and trust and have done business with in the past. People who are referred to you by trusted friends and associates are more likely to turn out well. And if you follow our guidelines, you will initiate those Joint Ventures with no money, no time and no risk. So you can walk away when things don’t work out or the Joint Venture partner deviates from the agreement, as some, I assure you, will.

Always remember that there are people out there who will agree to anything to grab a customer and make a quick buck. Desperate people do desperate thing. So you should choose successful people – not the trailer park type who lives on welfare and can’t afford gas, whom you want to help; you’re not a social worker. I have tried that and it cost me money. Find winners and visionaries. And make sure to manage the relationship and the Joint Venture – it takes attention and monitoring to make it work well. And the more they know about Joint Ventures, the more likely the Joint Venture is to succeed. For example, DollarMakers Joint Venture Forum Member who has attended the Joint Venture Broker Bootcamp is more likely to succeed than one who hasn’t. Visit to find out more.

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