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Jusuru is an MLM company that offers a high-end functional nutritional beverage that is supposedly loaded with all kinds of life-giving properties such as resveratol, essential fatty acids, phytonutrients, and amino acids.

The product appears to be comparable to many others on the market like Zrii, Limu, Mangosteen, and Zamu. It is priced in the same range of $40-50 per bottle and offers many of the same health benefits as these other companies promise.

I could not locate any data on the Jusuru website about the actual ingredients that make up the juice. One important factor to consider is if there are cheap fillers like grape or apple juice being used, which to me instantly shows that the product is not worth the premium price being asked.

Many MLM juice companies need to charge this much because that is the only way they can profit using the multi-tiered business model. It is OK to charge this much as long as the product is actually loaded with nothing but high quality, organic ingredients. If you are paying $45 for about 3 glasses of any liquid, wouldn’t you want it to be as pure and potent as possible?

The harsh reality is that most of these juices fall short. They are either not organic or they use cheap filllers. If I was seriously interested in buying this product or signing up as a distrributor, I would inquire with the company about these issues.

The other issue I have with Jusuru is that the company is entering a marketplace that is totally saturated and highly competitive. In order to truly thrive, they need to offer something different than established competitors in the nutritional industry—and I don’t see anything on their website that looks at all unique. Same comp plan, same product, same corporate replicated website (that is, by the way, highly ineffective from a marketing perspective).

Most associates that enter companies like this will be surprised by how hard it is to growow the business. I don’t want to sound negative; this is just the way it is. In this recession, a $45 bottle of juice is what I would call a ‘hard sell’ to most middle class people. On top of this, it is challenging to grow an organization unless you really have a masterful understanding of online and off line marketing, prospecting, recruiting, and sponsoring.

With that said, there is certainly something to be said for getting in with a company that is very new to the industry. But the odds are stacked against you when it comes to marketing an opportunity like this.

If you are passionate about health and wellness and residual income, by all means look into the opportunity and compare the product to similar ones in the marketplace. Your passion for the product is NOT what will determine your success; your marketing skill is. If your upline in Jusuru is really skilled when it comes to marketing and can mentor you on the most powerful strategies to grow your business, then you have a strong advantage. Unfortunately, this is not very often
the case–and most new distributors are left to fend for themselves to figure out how to grow their MLM business.

To summarize, there are too many concerns I have with Jusuru to give the company a glowingrecommendation and tell you to pursue it as a viable business opportunity. If you do it, I can’t emphasize enough that your financial freedom comes down to marketing. Keep this in mind, and your chances for success increase exponentially.

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