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The moment you hear the word Giorgio Armani, you are going to visualize a fascinating area of custom-made men’s suits. But there is one secret that only fashion conscious, people know and that is Armani also produces Armani sunglasses. Armani is not focusing upon these products just as a matter of good business, but it also was to be focused upon style, fashion and a cost-effective brand product.
If you go in for any other alternative in high-fashioned sunglasses, you are going to see that the Armani product does not cost you so much. The most popular Armani sunglasses style is the shields and aviators, but cutouts, as well as rhinestones are slowly and steadily inching up upon the popular choice list of fashionable armani men’s sunglasses. An Armani Flip-flop is naturally a perennial favorite; in fact it is the best thing for a summer wardrobe for both women and men. A Butterfly shield, if it happens to be in a dark brown shade is also an excellent choice for this summer. You can also go in for an Armani Exchange.
One of the most popular designs in Armani sunglasses is Shield classes with a block logo for men. The arms are wider, and the lenses are lavender in color. These are excellent to preserve your peripheral vision, because they block out the light from the outer edges of the sunglasses very effectively.
If you have to do a lot of writing, you can always going for the aviator style, which is a very popular classic model of armani men’s sunglasses. For sunning in the beach, you can be the cynosure of a rewrite, the moment you put on your Mid Logos. These are excellent shield sunglasses which have arms which are triangular shaped and quite wide. The plastic frames are heavy and dark. These frames are so large that they are going to protect your face as well as your eyes from any harm done by the rays of the sun, when you are tanning the rest of yourself to a deep brown color.
The Armani exchange range is only for men, but you can also find armani women’s sunglasses in this range. The sunglasses are going to be comparatively small but you can get some feminine additions in the shape of rhinestones added to the sunglasses. The logo is round in style, and you can get them in cream colored frames with lenses made of pallium. You can also take a choice of a black frame and gray lenses. This is one of the most fashionable style things in Hollywood, so you can imagine yourself walking down Sunset Boulevard, looking like USD1 million and spending less than hundred dollars, for this stylish and trendy example of armani women’s sunglasses.

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