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Bad Rap on Land Trusts

Land trusts have existed since the Roman times with their clearest history being from the time of King Henry VIII.  During that time people used land trusts to hide their ownership of land so they could avoid having to serve in the military or be burdened with ownership responsibility.

The land trust has a history of being a tool for some investors to use to their advantage with their own unethical ways of doing business.  The bad rap about land trusts is currently the number of investors who use them for their own “special” way of doing a short sale.

Real Estate Investors and Land Trusts

There are many advantages to using land trusts; they are an excellent way to hold property.  When structured correctly, a land trust can help the investor with any seasoning issue that may arise with purchasing a house from a private owner.  Unfortunately, this doesn’t work when purchasing bank-owned homes.

Some of the advantages of a land trust are:

  • Sales price of the property can be kept off the public records
  • Judgments or liens against an individual are not a lien against property in the land trust
  • Partners can easily continue a project if one dies or is divorced
  • Interest can be transferred quickly without recording a deed, because beneficial interest is considered to be personal property; not real property.
  • Negotiating a purchase or sale is easier when the trustee can be blamed
  • Liability on financing can be limited to the assets of the trust

A land trust must be structured properly in order to be of benefit to the investor, for example, seasoning issues that have hindered many deals are not a problem.  There are perfectly legal techniques for structuring a land trust to work to the real estate investor’s advantage.

Real estate investors who will be working with land trusts should consult a well-qualified real estate attorney about the land trusts laws in their state.  Keep in mind that not all attorneys understand the workings of a land trust.

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Information on Lean Manufacturing

Lean producing idea is essentially the business performance improvement tool, which aims in reinforcing quality, production and experience at a minimum cost. Lean manufacturing system grouped with the lean manufacturing assessment so aids in exposing waste so helping in making improvement by identifying and shedding all the non-value-adding activities in production, design, supply chain and management. Lean manufacturing assessment is more than simply a process where couple of assessors? Drops at your place, takes a look around then sends a detail report on their observation and commends what you want to do. No, definitely not! Lean producing assessment is way more, it is a value added experience for your company and you may expect a discernible return on your investment beyond just a inclusive report by the lean manufacturing consultants.

The lean manufacturing
the whole lean manufacturing assessment process works in the following way:-
First the lean manufacturing assessor meets with you by telephone or in person and discusses some of the important info you would like to collect.
Once on site, the lean manufacturing expert holds a quick introductory meeting and debates the method and resources required in deriving the advantage of the lean manufacturing concept and assures you that they will do all in their power to ensure maximum profit by getting rid of waste.
the next step of the lean manufacturing assessment is to make you walk through the process. Offering a quick overview on the lean manufacturing concept the assessor assists in eliminating waste while crafting a novel planning, engineering, scheduling and so on. Before long, they’ll also enter the shop floor where value-adding activities and Lean opportunities should abound. Regularly the lean manufacturing assessment expert starts their analysis at the’back door’ where internal processes end.
mostly the lean manufacturing assessment lasts for 2 days and on the final day of assessment, the assessors once again meets with the members of the senior management and asks questions to get some clarifications on their findings.
on conclusion the lean manufacturing assessment expert starts compiling the results of his observations and compose a categorical bulleted report to explain the status of items such as:- SMED Implementation, workplace Organization 5S, employees level of talent, acknowledgment, implementation and masses more.

The Lean producing assessment is closed-out by identifying opportunities for improvement while endorsing processes to address the issue to realize maximum results, in the shortest span of time.
You can find out more about lean manufacturing here.

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