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There are several adults throughout the world who would love to learn day trading and becoming full time futures day traders. These adults would practicably relish index futures day trading for a their bread and butter if probable, as anyone with a online day trading account can day trade futures, commodities, the forex, etc.. from the poise of their home, home office, or anywhere with internet. Day traders with an online day trading account can day trade commodities, futures, the forex…from the coziness of their household. These adults would presumably like index futures day trading for a living. I’m convinced masses would take joy in futures index day trading for a the bread and butter working from the coziness of the day traders own home office.

In order to become a successful trader, learn day trading or online day trading, and make a living from day trading, an individual must be prepared to put in the tough work, effort and time needed to be successful as a stock trader. A trader has to beat all of the skills required to achieve success. The largest skill to be mastered is in the form of feelings and it is probably the hardest of all to come and master. That is why it is usually better to learn day trading from an instructor who has been trading for some time. A mentor is always the preferred route compared to just reading some books on trading or purchasing a black box system. You want a powerful day trading system. The training received from a mentor can be pricey but useful at the same time. One must always look at the background of the trading mentor before selecting one.

It is most always a wise idea to start trading with cash a futures trader can stand to lose. Paper trading works well too, but lacks in the powerful emotion building process required to become successful as a day trader and learn day trading. A trader must always use risk capital to succeed at day trading as a living. Using cash kept aside for immediate day to day expenses or money borrowed from a Mastercard is a recipe for disaster. Scared money never defeats day trading futures.

To learn day trading a day trader needs to keep a track of most all the trades put in in a journal. This record book must be rejuvenated on a daily basis. This can help the Trading excessively as he will be taught from his/her errors and often continue working on getting better. A Mini S&P trading has got to keep his/her costs below profits to fabricate bucks in the long run. Doing do, he should carefully select his day trading software, broker and his Internet Service Provider. A commodity day trader should also understand to comprehend the index market well and understand when to get into day trades and when to avoid entries. Entering trades from other index traders or emotional funny feeling can have unfavorable chain reactions on the day trader as well as his day trading account. It is always much better to day trade strong as per the rules set out and return to trade a different day than to lose the whole day trading account in one trading session.

It’s obtainable to day trade for a living and learn day trading if all the rules that are established in a trading plan by the futures trader and followed specifically by the index futures trader.

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How to transform E&P companies from being risk-vulnerable to risk-empowered and being able to conduct operations and production optimally and more efficiently?

Stakeholders within the oil and gas industry understand the importance of proper planning and action needed to avoid nonproductive time (NPT) and cost overruns associated with today’s increasingly complex wells and their exploration activities.

You make difficult decisions every day – decisions based on a thorough analysis of the alternatives and the available data. When the alternatives gets uncertain and could be ill-defined you are in trouble. What if the data is partly non existent? In the ervery day analysis, the engineers, scientists and managers would have to rely on some sort of risk analysis tools or a decision maker toolbox.

The industry is flooded with Software tools to assist them in solving their risk assessment ant to perform risk analysis in an as effective way as possible. Software tools like; UnRiskIT, @Risk 5.0, Decision Suite Tools Suite, Crystal Ball 7.1, Solver software, GoldSim simulation software and in the end the famous MS Excel 2003. The latter one plays an important part in some of the softwares mentioned above of course.

Traditional risk analysis are using methods of retrofitting MS Excel spreadsheets and using software add-on tools. These methods can prove to be cumbersome, inaccurate and inefficient which again will result in poor decisions and wasted time. Furthermore, these traditional methods are generic and often require costly experts for probabilistic model development and interpretation.

The industry will need a more powerful software solution for quickly and properly generating critical information needed for effective risk mitigation. And another aspect the industry needs to do knowledge capture in a different way than they do to day. I have mentioned in other articles I have written about utilization of mashup technology to perform a more productive and effective knowledge capture of the data existing and still continue to flow into the company. I think it would be time for the risk analysts to visit this arena as well, in order to clean their floors properly in this area.

What creates the leading edge and breakthrough software solution for project risk analysis? It is no easy answer to this question, as various software are designed for their specific areas, refinery, wells, software development and so on. There is a need to define what areas you need to risk, and hunt down the solution accordingly.

Making a Quick risk analysis by logically entering and modifying project data in an easy-to-use, straightforward interface is a must of course. However, again you meet stumbling blocks. Every company listed up front here will claim that their solution is just what you need.

Specifying the methods, procedures and features that allow the you to gain control and maintain consistency across multiple projects using the common industry knowledge, may be the way to go for you.

You want to enable your company to thoroughly analyze and better manage risk, to deliver more accurate cost estimates, reduce NPT, and avoid costly strategic planning errors and in the end operational cost overruns.

We need to be able to shed some light to the E&P managers by providing them with a quick and clear insight into the statistical parameters that compile each estimate we provide them with.

In oil and gas projects we face challenges within areas such as Six Sigma and quality analysis, exploration and production, oil reserves estimation, capital project estimation , pricing and regulation compliance. All these areas need extensive risk analysis and making the right decision at the right time.

However, doing the risk analysis alone is only part of the challenge and solution. Performing a proper data analysis is the major step which in most companies are neglected or in best case underestimated. Capture the knowledge about the parameters you risk would be imperative for your understanding of the underlying risk associated with those parameters.

I would therefore suggest the phrase; “ Unless you know what you risk, do not do it!”

By this I mean to say that, unless you have gotten all basic information you have and been able to create your knowledge database ahead of risking, you would have such a high risk on knowledge content, which supersedes the uncertainties in the parameters you want to analyze.

The use of Monte Carlo simulation is the most common method in order to show you the many possible outcomes in the Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. It also enables you to tell you how likely they are to occur. This is the most common approach in any risking software apart from some few ones which have their own developed way of handling these actions.

The choice of software you make will make it possible for you to judge which risks to take and which ones to avoid in an easy fashion and share results with the majority within your company and provide input various software.

What type of software to choose, is again up to you and what challenges you struggle with. No software can handle all types of risks and perform all types of analysis of your data. However my experience with @ risk product from Palisade is positive and it has solved the issues we have been struggling with.

Best of luck on your risky path towards success, and may all the forces be with you in solving the critical elements enabling you to see the uncertainties and to reach your goals set for your projects.

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