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IRS levies have a way of striking without warning. In a flash your bank accounts, wages, or assets vanish without a trace. You might think you are safe from an IRS tax levy if you’ve avoided an IRS notice so far. But truthfully, you can not escape the dangers of an IRS bank levy, IRS wage levy, or any other IRS levy as long as you owe back taxes. When an IRS levy strikes, one of your best options is to work with qualified IRS tax specialists.
The first type of IRS levy is the IRS bank levy. You will know an IRS bank levy is imminent when you receive an IRS Notice via certified mail that reads, “Final Notice of Intent to Levy.” After you receive this notice in the mail, the IRS bank levy can strike at any time. It will not happen immediately because the IRS wants to catch you unprepared (before you get a chance to remove funds from your bank account). Before your funds are seized for good, your bank account will be frozen. Your funds will be held, and you will have 21 days to negotiate with the IRS and come up with a solution before the IRS keeps the funds for good. You might want to hire qualified IRS tax relief advisors that can work quickly within the limited time frame
The second, and perhaps most painful type of IRS tax levy, is the IRS wage levy. Nothing stings quite like the IRS seizing wages directly from your paycheck. Many taxpayers do not even receive notice from the IRS. They simply receive notice from the payroll department at their job/employer. The IRS can seize a huge percentage of your earnings, leaving you with only enough to cover your basic necessities. The only way to stop an IRS wage levy from starting is to contact the IRS before your payroll cut-off date immediately after receiving the notice. You have to discuss a solution for paying off your back tax debt directly with the Internal Revenue Service. Due to its crucial nature, the time urgency, and the severe financial damage that can be caused by an IRS wage levy, contacting experienced IRS tax specialists is suggested.
Finally, it is important to note that the cash from your wages or bank account are not the only assets the IRS seeks. The IRS can not levy your clothes, primary residence, or primary vehicle. But they can seize practically everything else like a second car, second house, valuable antique furniture or jewelry, or anything they can sell for cash. All those types of assets are at risk.
The IRS threatens a levy to get your attention and force you to face up to your obligations. What the IRS really wants is negotiation; they want to talk to you so they can figure out the best way you can pay the tax debt in full. You can do a little research on your particular situation and call the IRS yourself to resolve the issue. Since you are not an expert in this area, you may not have the best chance of securing the IRS tax relief you desperately need. You can also hire experienced IRS tax specialists to work on your behalf.
An IRS tax professional will work quickly to stop the IRS bank levy or the IRS wage levy and return your funds. If you have not filed returns in a few years, using an IRS tax relief professional is particularly important. They can quickly stamp in your back tax years and negotiate for the best payment arrangement on your behalf. If left alone, the IRS will garnish your wages and continuously enact the IRS levy until the back tax debt is paid in full. Act fast, when it comes to any IRS levy, there is always a strict deadline.

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Jekyll and Hyde of Network Marketing
By Todd Ash

Everyone wants to get rich quick and most think the easiest way to do it is through a marketing network, or multi level marketing. These people are confused with the pyramid schemes, however. Pyramid schemes wind you up to thinking that you can make upwards of about ten thousand dollars a month within three months. These are the schemes where you hardly see any profit and you never know what your product is, because a lot of times there is not one. Unfortunately, because of this falsity, network marketing has gotten a nasty reputation due to the fact that they are somewhat similar in nature. Honestly, the only thing that makes the two alike is the fact that they are both networks. Network marketing is begun with an idea, a product, and the person who began said idea gets a few friends involved and they help sell the product then they get friends involved and so on and so forth until the product itself is so big and popular that everyone makes money off of it. This is not a project that will make people millionaires in an instant, but it is great for supplemental income.

In all actuality, marketing networks are along the same lines of franchises which also got a bad reputation in the fifties when they first came around. Look at all the hamburger joints around today, though. Actually, the make up that is being sold by the ladies who drive a pink Cadillac work for network markets. The parties that are held for plastic storage containers that everyone tends to use are part of network markets. Believe it or not, those cute little girls in green who sell you cookies each fall are also part of network markets. That is right; fundraising is a major player in the network market system. When an organization signs up with the company to sell their products in order to make a small profit for them, they become part of the network. The company that is providing the products just hikes up the prices and they in turn make a small profit after donating a portion of the proceeds.

Network markets are widely spread throughout all fifty states and over one hundred countries. Some new businesses appeal to people because they are able to work from home, work part time, and choose the hours that they want. Be wary of those that advertise pay is higher for recruitment than for the sale of the product itself; you would never make any money. Some network markets have even been compared to cults since many have intense motivational programs. One way to see if the company is legit is to check its seventy percent rule: the company must sell that much of their existing inventory before ordering more. The main thing to remember is that network marketing is about the product, not just its sale and the employees profits. Check with the better business bureau and FTC before you invest time and money.

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