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By Eric Fields

Increasing your sales lead list using myspace is a very effective method. Myspace has a huge network of people. Using myspace to create your leads is a very smart way to build your business. Many people are advertising using myspace. There is a correct way and incorrect way to advertise on myspace. We will go over the two.

Using myspace to increase your sales lead list is just like using a forum to create leads. The key is building a relationship first. So first signup for a myspace account. Make sure that you add a picture because it helps build trust if people can see you. It will also look really awkward if you do not have a picture up. Next add some information about yourself. For example, what you do for a living, what businesses you are apart of, etc. Keep your myspace page looking professional especially if you are trying to advertise your business. There is nothing worse than someone trying to sell a product with an unprofessional page.

Now it is time for you to network. First off, find your target audience. So if you are selling rims, look for people who are into cars. After you’ve built your network, start establishing relationships. If you build your network and send out bulletins without the relationship being in place, expect a poor response. Also people may kick you out of their network. Always try to focus your conversations towards your products. So if you are selling rims, try to talk about cars and rims.

After you have established relationships, then go ahead and send out bulletins to your network. Also have your network advertise for you. Just like an affiliate program but it is on myspace. Give them commissions or discounts for advertising for you. Lastly if you do not want to take the time to build relationships, find people with huge networks and huge page views. Offer to pay them to advertise on their page. It is a lot cheaper than advertising directly with myspace. Using myspace to increase your sales lead list can bring in many leads if used properly.

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The eBay business is growing at a fast past and great incomes are being made by ordinary people.  Now a lot of people are earning benefits through the simple way of finding customers thru eBay.  The biggest advantage that eBay offers is that a person no longer needs to rent a place for business keeping low overhead and making profits even higher than ever.  EBay has set a big trend on small businesses across the world.  Now you can make substantial money from the internet anywhere around the world. 

EBay has been the number one choice of a lot of people which includes student, retirees and entrepreneurs who want to make money in their spare time.  More and more technology is making online businesses strive making people earn significant return on investment.  It’s a lot easier to make money online using the system that is allowed at eBay.  You can simply take some quality pictures and set an amount to sell your item online.  One of the reasons eBay is so good to sell is because buyers go there to spend money.  Of course, the more you list the more you are going to make money. 

A lot of people who start a online business like it because of the flexibility on their own schedule.  For business owners it works best because they do not have to pre-purchase something to re-sell it online.  Of course you can always buy and re-sell online.  The most latest trends to hit the eBay is the drop shipping method.  While making more profit on hot selling items people are spending more time in listing more items and avoiding pre-purchasing, listing, selling, and then shipping the products.  Now, business owners are simply listing items selling them and collecting the profits.  Business owner don’t have to go out and pre-purchase new items it’s all done thru the drop shipping companies. 

With this new niche of selling more than one item over and over, a business owner can concentrate in selling multiple items online.  You can simply list from thousands of different brands and styles to offer all your clients.  By selling quality products it gives your company the look of a big corporation.  Building your business growth is only up to you.  There is more ways of making money on eBay it’s all about knowing all the secrets and knowing who to call to get all the hot topic items to sell online. 

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